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IC3 Spark

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IC3 Spark exam

With a focus on younger demographics, the IC3 Spark certification addresses the same foundational concepts as its precursor - the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification. While both certifications target issues arising from the increasing demands of technology, IC3 Spark is created for younger children who may be new to computers and the Internet, or who lack a solid foundation in digital concepts.

Living in a Digital World

Digital Native is a common term used to describe those who have been brought up during the digital age of technology, and are therefore more familiar with computers and the Internet. However, how confident are you that your students are prepared to live in an increasingly digital world? Simply being aware of technology is no longer good enough – your students must also understand how to use it. And IC3 Spark is the answer. With a focus on younger demographics, the IC3 Spark certification addresses the same foundational concepts as its precursor – the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification. While both certifications target issues arising from the increasing demands of technology, IC3 Spark is created for younger children who may be new to computers and the Internet, or who lack a solid foundation in digital concepts.

IC3 Spark Certification

Similar to the IC3 Digital Literacy Certification, IC3 Spark covers objectives spanning basic computing skills, key applications, and use of the Internet. However, as a single, 50 minute exam IC3 Spark is specifically designed for a younger audience and validates skills from three major objective domains:

Living Online: Covers skills for working in an Internet or networked environment

Key Applications: Covers popular word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications and the common features of all applications.

Computing Fundamentals: Covers a foundational understanding of computing.

IC3 Spark Is The First Step

The need for basic digital literacy skills is an issue that is becoming increasingly more relevant to a younger demographic. IC3 Spark delivers a viable solution for helping primary and middle school aged children learn and adopt critical skills that will be necessary for their success in a world where technology is constantly changing. As the first step in digital literacy, IC3 Spark is the ideal solution for helping students ignite a passion for technology and for helping them create a brighter future.

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